Bush’s administration is battling the axis of evil terrorists by trying to introduce legislation that defines a child as everything from conception forward (again).

The only time we consider an unborn child as a full human is in the abortion debate. When a woman miscarries there is no investigation. People treat a woman who miscarries with sympathy, not with the veiled contempt of a mother who might have been responsible for the death of her child. There is never a homicide investigation when a woman miscarries. There is no funeral.

If human starts at conception, then most women are murderers. The window where an egg can be fertilized is larger than the window where a fertilized egg will attach to the uterine wall. If a fertilized egg (which is now past the point of conception) doesn’t attach to the uterus, it’s just flushed out. That would mean the majority of humans are thrown away in tampons and sanitary napkins. Again, there is not a homicide investigation every time a sexually active woman menstruates.

My point is that we have never treated an unborn child as a living human. If people really want to, they have to be consistent.