A lot of people say really stupid things in the form of “We need to do whatever it takes to do X.” As in “I don’t care what it takes, we need to get drugs off the streets!” Or “We need to do anything we have to do to end crime.”

These statements are made without thought, because there is always an easy solution for a problem if peripheral consequences don’t matter.

Want to end crime? Instate martial law, live in a dictatorship. A society with heavily armed men on every corner authorized to execute on site is a polite society.

End childhood disease. Practice eugenics. (that’s got bumper sticker written all over it)

End gun violence. Ban bullets and destroy all gunpowder plants.

End corporate fraud. Disband all corporations.

End illegal immigration. Conquer and annex all sovereign nations. (Bush has already thought of this one, apparently)

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