My wonderful wife went to the store yesterday and got a bunch of cool stuff so I could make salads for lunch, instead of going to fast food places every day. So I made a nice salad today before I left for work, put it in a tupperware, then forgot to take it. And I forgot a bottle of water, so I’m drinking soda for the first time in a few days. Damn my idiocy!

Anyway, when I was in McDonald’s I gave some guy $3 so he could eat. It made me so sad to see how happy he was to get a hamburger. I wanted to talk to him, or give him some company or something, but what are you supposed to say to somebody? “So, you’re homeless huh? I bet that sucks.” There was nothing else I could have done for him anyway. I don’t know.

So I’m happy that I have the luxury to worry more about some dick parking his Porsche in my space than when I’m going to eat next.