We are so lucky to be alive in this time. What are the odds of being around to watch the end of a society? I believe that in the next four years we’ll see the downfall of the American government; we’re already seeing the start. For the past two hundred years or so, the powers that be in our country have lied, cheated, bent the rules and ignored them, and gotten away with most of it, just to increase their profit a few percent. Of course, this has been helped by the implicit US policy of making laws they have no intention of enforcing. We now reap the whirlwind that two centuries of accumulated short-cuts sow. The national power grid is failing because we’ve ignored alternative energies and conservation for too long. Between mad cow disease, salmonella, pesticides, mercury, and a hundred other concerns we can’t eat our food with confidence. Our schools are rife with terrorism, our prisons are full, and the gap between rich and poor is growing at an increasing pace. America is on a sled at the top of Revolution Hill, and the Bush administration will probably give it that last nudge.