It’s fun to buy used textbooks, because you get to see how stupid the previous owners were. In my current psychology textbook, there are short summaries in the margins, and they are all highlighted. They are the only things highlighted. What’s the point?

Scotch is good. And I like it straight, so take that Jeremy! On the rocks is too cold to taste it, and watered down. Chad, I’ll have to buy that bottle from you since you aren’t going to drink it. I used to think that “acquired taste” was a really dumb concept. If it’s not pleasurable, why keep doing it until it is pleasurable? I understand now that some things can be incredibly enjoyable, as long as you take time to get used to their complexity, and learn to detect their subtleties.

I got six power supplies literally off the street today. We have biannual junk pickups. Or is it semiannual? I always get those confused. Either way, it happens twice a year, and the guy said they work, so I grabbed them. Still have to see which ones will be useful.

Can anyone recommend any good, free, online resources for learning French? Pronunciation isn’t an issue (my wife knows the pronunciation), and I’m leaning towards reading rather than dialogue, as far as how it will be applied.

I keep worrying that I’m an alcoholic, because I want to drink often, but I can control it. I don’t drink that often, and when I do I don’t drink that much. And does drinking alone mean that you drink when you are by yourself, or when you are the only one drinking?

I want to trade in my car, but I can’t afford it. We should get it refinanced, but there are only three years left on the loan, so there isn’t much point. The warranty will likely expire in the next year though, when it hits 100,000 miles. Then I can’t really trade it in and get anything for it, so I’m in a dilemma. We’re still upside-down on it, and we can’t afford the remainder of the loan plus another one, plus a down payment. But our interest rate is insane (first time buyer). You’re right Jeremy, money sucks.

I haven’t coded anything in awhile. I haven’t taken any pictures recently. I just haven’t been inspired to do anything spectacular.