I want a mocha from starbucks. Damn me for living in a mountain town without a 24hr coffee shop. My espresso machine is in a storage unit that closes at dusk. Not that I make good coffee with it anyway. I guess thats what I get for losing my job and living with my parents.

I went to the driving range outside Fresno for an hour today. The irons section was on grass, so I had a pretty good session. I think my swing is really improving, and I did pretty well on the putting green too. Now if I could just take that out to the course I’d be set. I ripped my favorite pair of shorts with my second shot though, an errant pitching wedge. I need to play more, it’s just so damn expensive. It’s a lot cheaper in the city, but the munis in Fresno are pretty crowded, and it’s an hour drive both way. Maybe I should try to get a tee-time for Monday morning. I don’t know if I can afford twenty dollars. I need to find a cheaper driving range. In Bakersfield I went to one by my office that was between a couple oil refineries. It smelled kind of funny and a train went by now and then, but I could get 150 balls for just a few bucks and they were always on grass. I could get through that many during my lunch hour with enough time left to get something from Jack in the Box. Mmmm. I miss Jack in the Box. I have to go to Fresno to get that too. But I can’t eat a sourdough jack anymore. My wife and I have stopped eating beef because the American beef industry isn’t taking enough precaution against mad cow disease. Basically we won’t know if it’s here until people start getting it. Anyway, I was getting pretty good when I was going to the range everyday. Then I lost my job and didn’t play for months. I think I’ve played five times in the last six months. How depressing 🙁 I can’t even practice in the back yard — I hit my nine iron just to the fence. We have five acres, but the house is right in the middle making it impossible to hit balls from edge to edge. Damn my brother-in-law for getting me hooked on such an expensive game. My dad bought me FootJoy Terrains for my birthday last week (and a pair for himself). They’re so comfortable; if it weren’t bad for the spikes, I’d wear them everywhere. We got them for pretty cheap because they were made before 2000. Thats better though, because they don’t have the Fast Twist(tm) system that I’ve read sucks. I really wanted the solid black, they looked so sweet, but nobody had them in my size so I got black on white saddleback. They look pretty cool, reminds me of this cool ska band Darin hung out with sometimes (I think they were called The Gadjits, I can’t remember). I tried on a bunch of gloves too, and the only one that would fit was the Nike Elite Feel XL Reg. Of course, that one is $14.95. When I can justify paying that much for a glove that will probably wear out in six months or so, I’m going to get the black one. It looks so cool, I look like Luke Skywalker in Return of the Jedi wearing it. I think I’m getting obsessed with golf. But that’s okay, it gets me outside, get some exercise. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

God I’m whiny tonight. I think I’m upset because the dinner party we were planning for tomorrow has pretty much fallen apart. I was going to make tortelloni with butter sage sauce, but we had a test run last night. Good thing too. I found out that it’s a lot harder to make the pasta than Mario makes it look. Then I couldn’t roll it thin enough by hand, and I didn’t cut the pieces out straight. It ended up not tasting too bad, but the pasta was so thick that each tortelloni was 90% pasta and 10% filling. So rather than try to figure out and test something else for an entree, we decided to go to a restaurant. Now one of the couples (we only invited two) can’t afford to go. So damnit, any other time we schedule it at least one of my parents will be here.

Is there a free HTTP caching program for Win2K? I should write one. That would probably help speed up accesses through our LAN.

Three Kings is a surprisingly good movie.

I’m sorry this one is so disorganized, I just wanted to get something written.