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10 Things About The Guatemalan Sinkhole

A sinkhole the size of a city block swallowed a building in Guatemala on Sunday. This image is mind blowing.

Ten things about the Guatemalan sinkhole:

  1. Art Bell will spend a month interviewing “experts” that claim this hole either goes to the center of the (hollow) Earth, was made by aliens, and/or is a portal to another dimension.

  2. Can you buy sinkhole insurance?

  3. Dude, I dare you to jump the hole on your bike. No it’s cool, I made this ramp.

  4. I bet somebody was trying to dig a gold mine underneath the town, like in Paint Your Wagon.

  5. Joss Whedon is already writing Buffy El Asesino Del Vampiro, a farcical tale of coming of age in Guatemala, plus vampires.

  6. It’s Photoshopped, the reflections are all wrong.

  7. Think everyone is pissed off at that blue store in the upper left, which suffered no visible damage even though it overhangs the hole?

  8. Why didn’t this happen in New York when Alfred Beach was secretly digging a subway?

  9. If this was Kansas City, they’d just put a steel plate over the hole and forget about it for six months.

  10. Visit Guatemala! For all your ring disposal needs!

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Whedon Needs Limits

This is the problem I have with Joss Whedon right here. All his properties are about loss of innocence and coming of age, and it just doesn’t work in an American TV show where the main story line can never be resolved and the characters can never quite get there. It worked in Dr. Horrible. Maybe with The Avengers, Whedon will break into movies and do shorter, closed story lines that actually work.

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