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Bear on the Lamb

Care bear under arrestBear Grylls‘s show is getting a little long in the tooth, and the staged “danger situations” are getting more and more ridiculous. I know exactly what Bear needs.

U.S. Marshals.

Every week Bear gets dropped in a wilderness location (like Les Stroud really did) and has to evade U.S. Marshals for seven days. The locals will be told that he’s a real fugitive. Set the dogs on him. Heck, they should shoot him on sight, just to add a bit more excitement. The real fun begins when Bear has to betray his camera crew to buy some more time.

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Yuppies of America unite!

I’m tired of companies taking advantage of us just because it will cost more to fight them than give up. Therefore, I am announcing the boycott on the American economy! Stop buying things, close your bank accounts, give your broker the finger (after you get your money)! We’ll go back to a simple barter system. People stealing from people, just like the good old days. Division of labor is so antiquated, we can all produce most of what we need and trade for the rest. Nobody checking real-time quotes on their PDA, no major (and minor) corporations lying about their products, we’ll settle disputes with violence!

My god, it’ll be beautiful.

Come on everyone, rally together. We’ll take back the economy! Now, some of you are going to die when the government resists, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take. I’ll stay in back so when we have to retreat, I can lead us to safety.

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