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Spin: The Game

Spin is a new Flash game I’ve been noodling on for a little while. It’s a Puzzle Bobble type game, except that the balls can freely spin like a pinwheel. The rotation is physically accurate, so as balls fall off of the board it changes speed and direction. When a ball hits the board the ball’s momentum is transferred to it, so if the board is turning slowly you can speed it up or make it turn the other way by firing the balls at it.

The feature list was miles long, but I’m getting too busy to work on it. Look forward to a second version when I can get back to it.

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Silly Jessica Simpson Game, Pizza Hut Codes

I don’t get it, but my wife loves the celebrity gossip, so when all this stuff about Jessica Simpson started coming out I whipped up this little game to make her laugh. It’s an homage to an old Mac game I haven’t seen in years called “Slick Willie.” I’m also keeping track of Pizza Hut’s sweepstakes codes here. Have fun.

Click on “more” to play the game.

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