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Fox & Geese in Haskell: Part 2

Last time we looked at how the board is represented in the little Fox & Geese game I wrote in Haskell. This time, I’ll cover the machinery that makes the game go: moving pieces, jumping, and validating moves. The code for this part is available in my GitHub repo under tag v0.1.2.

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Fox & Geese in Haskell: Part 1

My next project for learning Haskell is Fox & Geese. This game has simple rules and mechanics, and it doesn’t need fancy graphics. It is pretty easy to implement a simple version quickly, so I can focus more on Haskell than details of the game. I’ll go over this in a series of posts. In part 1 I’ll talk about how I represent the game board in Haskell, and in later parts I’ll discuss input handling, drawing, and game mechanics.

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