I’ve been looking around at random journals, and it looks like most people just babble on about what they’ve been doing all day. Okay, nothing wrong with that. I guess that’s what a real journal is. I think I’ll try doing some of that now and then. Not right now though.

I started this journal for a couple reasons. First, I felt like I really needed to write. I know I need practice before I try stories, and I felt this would be the best place. The other reason is that I’ve always had problems communicating with people; primarily, I think, because I can’t trust people enough to give them a chance to say what I think isn’t good enough. My mom has always done that, nothing I do or say is good enough for her. So I guess in a way this is a combination of voluntary writing assignments and therapy for me. However, I think the main reason I won’t write much about the happenings of my day is that I’ve always hated chit-chat. I’ve never spoken when I didn’t have something important to say.

To make a long entry short (too late), this probably won’t be like most other journals.