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Spin is a new Flash game I’ve been noodling on for a little while. It’s a Puzzle Bobble type game, except that the balls can freely spin like a pinwheel.

Balls that you fire from the launcher will stick to the board. If your ball forms a group of three or more balls of the same color, the whole group will fall off the board, earning you ten points for each ball in the group. You get ten extra seconds for every thousand points you score.

If any balls are hanging off of a group that falls off, they will fall off, too. This is where you can rack up the points: if N balls were hanging from the group, each one is worth 10*2N, so one ball is worth 20 points, two balls are worth 40 points, three balls are worth 80 points, etc.

What makes this game different is the freely rotating ball board. The rotation is physically accurate, so as balls fall off of the board it changes speed and direction. When a ball hits the board the ball’s momentum is transferred to it, so if the board is turning slowly you can speed it up or make it turn the other way by firing the balls at it.