I started at Barnes & Noble on Sunday. This is something I’ve wanted for a couple of years, as some of you know. So far it’s great, but I know I’m going to have trouble doing two jobs and school. I’ll have 15-20 hours at B&N, and 16 hours (times two for homework) at school. I want to still work at Coyote when I can, but I don’t know if I’ll have time for it.

I don’t know if I really want to keep working at Coyote or not. Casey wants me to, for the money. On most shifts at Coyote I make about the same as I would make at B&N for the same length of time (take home). But on some shifts, like most Saturday nights, I make more than I would make in a whole week at B&N. I just hate working there so much. It’s so much stress on me. I feel bad not wanting to do that extra work though, because Casey is doing so much work now that she’s a manager at Casual Corner, and she’ll be working forty hours during school.

I still haven’t told my manager at Coyote that I have another job. He probably knows by now.

I guess I have three or four weeks to decide what to do. Any suggestions?