I don’t get it, but my wife loves the celebrity gossip, so when all this stuff about Jessica Simpson started coming out I whipped up this little game to make her laugh. It’s an homage to an old Mac game I haven’t seen in years called “Slick Willie.” I’m also keeping track of Pizza Hut’s sweepstakes codes here. Have fun.

Click on “more” to play the game.

This week’s Pizza Hut code

Send the word “WIN” to 843488 with your cell phone (the kids call it “texting”) to enter to win a new car, an entertainment center, free pizza, and more prizes. Learn more.

Here’s what they’re giving away:

  • $30k for a car
  • 5 entertainment centers worth $4k each
  • 20 $400 Pizza Hut gift cards
  • 500 $5 music download gift cards