This week started sucking at exactly 1:30 this morning. I was so angry that the backup failed (meaning I would have to stay late), I accidentally locked my wallet in the server room. After an hour and a half of trying unsuccessfully to jimmy the door open, pick the lock, or just break it down, I decided to go home without my license. The forty minute drive was uneventful, just slow (I didn’t want to get pulled over). I didn’t fall asleep until five. I was supposed to get up at eight and accompany my brother-in-law to his monthly D&D game. I woke up at nine, and rushed out of the house, forgetting my cell phone, but picking up my wallet on the way through Fresno. Almost ran out of gas on the way to Visalia, because I was too stupid to get some in Fresno. Made a bad roll at the game and my character was the only one in the party to be hit by a fire bomb and nearly killed in the very first round of combat (so I didn’t really get to play).

The hair at the very top of my head is sticking straight up, and I can’t do anything about it. I’m tired, and I still have to drive home at 2AM (or later). So if I don’t post in the next few days, I fell asleep and drove off a cliff.

Maybe I’ll get lucky and it’s only today that will suck.