What pisses me off most about Palladium, and the way our copyright laws are heading in general, is the issue of ownership. When I buy something, I want to be able to do whatever I want with it. Period. If I buy a book, I want to be allowed to resell it, or give it to a friend, or prop up a table with it. When I buy a CD, I want to be allowed to put it on my computer, to use tracks from it in a compilation CD for my car, or to use it as a coaster. In short, once I’ve paid for it, they can’t tell me what to do with it.

They don’t agree. The way things are going, I will never be able to buy media again, in the real sense of buy. I’ll pay for a book and download it, but I won’t really have any rights to it. I’ll only be able to read it with designated software. I won’t be able to put it on a disk, or another computer, or print it. I can’t sell it to someone else when I’m done. At any point the publisher or the government can remove it from my hard drive or revoke my privilege to use it.

Imagine dropping your kids and their favorite movie off at your parent’s. Your parents put the movie in their player, and it won’t play because they’re unauthorized. You all may even be flagged as a pirate and barred from further purchases. Imagine buying a movie on pay-per-view, or just subscribing to HBO, and not being able to record it.

This stuff is extremely important. We all have to let it be known that this sort of “progress” will not be tolerated.