O Cleaning Lady, why do you tease me so with your minestrone-cigarette perfume, wafting through the room as you slide your vaccuum under my chair.

Your voice, like a mix of mumble and shout, Strikes deep in my heart!

Cleaning Lady, why do you give me such disdainful looks? Am I only misreading your toothless gaze?

Tell me how to act around you, Cleaning Lady I’m ashamed to ignore you, too embarassed to stare.

I see the knowing looks you exchange with your assistant I imagine the illicit affair you have in the custodial closet.

I sometimes imagine that you are more than a Cleaning Lady That you are really a spy from Verizon Wireless, here to steal our secrets.

O Cleaning Lady, come with me and we will run away together To a land where there is no trash to be emptied, no toilets to be cleaned Only me, and you, my beloved Cleaning Lady.