My previous server was unexpectedly destroyed, but after a call to Joe we’re back up and better than ever. Now that I’m actually paying for my space, I’m inspired to dust off this old thing and give it a new go. I also have a lot more time now since I graduated last May.

I plan to start posting a wider variety of content rather than trying to stick to Linux, development, physics, and LaTeX. I’ve become more active on twitter and Facebook, so I’m dumping short stuff there. I also got a tumblr account as a temporary landing site while this one was down, and I think I’ll be keeping it for meaningless drivel that’s between tweet and blog length. I’ll lovingly handcraft longer, meatier, vastly more important drivel for this site. You’ll get more of my personality, my raw thoughts, and let’s be honest, I haven’t quite been prolific with the geeky material to date.

One step towards the personalization of my personal blog has been to import my old LiveJournal posts. These date back to the heady days of 2001 when “blog” was a new term that was still considered a contraction of “web log.” I was a freshly laid-off refugee of the dot-com bust back then, and I was still too dumb to know I’m not funny. There might be some gems in the archives, but as you dig through try not to get lost in the self-important ramblings of an arrogant young man. If the going is too tough, I promise to keep the site updated with a steady stream of self-important ramblings from an arrogant, slightly less young man.

So thanks for looking at the main site after you stumbled across one of my old LaTeX posts. I hope this isn’t the last update for another two years.

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