recently posted this link to a site about a talking budgie. I thought the site was a hoax (the details are in this post).

My mom does large bird rescue (parrots), so I asked her about it. This was her response:

Budgies are the best talkers in the bird world. Parrots have the intelligence of a 4-5 year old child and many will converse intelligently. Fred [friend who does bird rescue] has several birds who do that, and when I am alone with Merlin [Amazon Parrot], she will converse with me.

So it looks like I was wrong, and it’s very possible that the site is not a hoax. I’m sorry.

(Although, I can’t understand a word her birds say. My wife and I think that it’s the same thing as a parent interpreting every gurgle a baby makes as their first words. But who knows.)