I got bored and decided to go on an L Jo journey. The idea is here. Basically you go to a random journal, then keep going through friends until you get back to yourself. I was surprised that on my first trip I only had to go through four people. Here they are:

thecheesecake mangobaby strippedhalo flutterg then me.

Now I have to go comment on the three new people’s L Jos.

Update — Journey two:

This one sucked. I kept getting stuck in dead ends and loops. Grr.

Here’s a quick quote in case you don’t want to read the journey itinerary.

Officer: We’ve got a bit of a problem: one of the officers has lost a leg. Soldier: Oh no sir. I’ll go organize a party right away. Officer: Do you think that’s appropriate? Soldier: A search party sir. Officer: Oh, right.

nowandforever kiwikim shannon3217 breakdownpop snowdragon4 thewrath silentbobspeaks sawacutie waax originalcopy fxchip greezi icehawk drexel_2001 zulithe chemical leafytreeful gardengnome then me.