I am becoming concerned that we may be headed towards a third world war. WWI was fundamentally caused by alliances. WWII was caused by extreme nationalism and good timing. It now seems Arab nations may be aligning on Iraq’s side against the US et al, due to sanctions and US support of Israel. I was worried that Iraq would attempt to occupy Syria to gain access to the Mediterranean Sea, but now Iraq has bought Syria with discounted oil. It has done the same with Turkey, gaining access to the Black Sea. I fear the economic sanctions have made Iraq into a martyr that will allow Hussein, along with selling discounted oil to poor nations, to unite the anti-Western nations. This alliance may be able to attract other Arab countries into an effort against Israel. If action against Israel goes unapposed, European nations will surely be next. By insisting on the continuance of sanctions and allowing UN weapons monitoring in Iraq to end, we may have committed the world to a third great war.