I just saw Troy, and I was pretty impressed. Visually appealing, decent acting, and amazing fight choreography. I’m not sure who wrote that story, but they should get him to write a few more ;)

I loved how Brad Pitt moved; I never realized he was that athletic. All his movements were so fluid and deliberate that he looked like a real fighter, not just some pretty boy that wants to hang with the stunt guys. Even if you’re not into the whole Iliad thing, go see this for the fights. You won’t be disappointed.

Since Hollywood is doing the prequel thing now, I hope that we see a version of The Odyssey that kicks ass. These days they have to go back to stories older than writing to get a good script, so they might as well plunder all they can before the well runs dry. As long as George Lucas isn’t allowed within 100 yards of the production it should be okay.

And I’m totally re-impressed that Homer’s epics were transmitted orally for a few centuries before somebody invented writing (Oh! An alphabet; phonetic sounds; it all seems so obvious!). It makes me want to organize a reading of the Iliad somewhere in public. I heard a story on NPR last year about a classics dept. at some university that read Beowulf in the original (middle English?), but I think starting with an English version would be okay. Could you imagine a coffee shop that has a weekly classics reading? This week we’ll be reading Crime and Punishment, next week A Tale of Two Cities. That would be so awesome. I wonder how long it would take to read one of those out loud. Hmmm….