Actually I don’t. I know Tae Kwon Do, though it’s not very useful, practically speaking. I’d love to learn Kung Fu, but I’ve been moving around so much lately that I really can’t start learning something like that. I’d love to start fencing again, but there isn’t anyone around here who does saber. I miss fencing a lot. Coach is at some college in either Indiana, Illinois, or Nebraska, I can’t recall which. My heart still quickens when I hear the song of steel striking. I wish I had been involved in individual sports from a younger age. I think I’m a fairly decent athlete, I just can’t play on a team for the most part. I have a big problem relying on people and having them rely on me. If I lose in an individual sport, I have only myself to blame, and be blamed by.

I grew up thinking I hated sports, because all the other boys made me feel so bad when I made a mistake on their team. Soon I was being picked last; the schoolyard analog to being a 45-year old unemployed virgin (I’m guessing). So I avoided sports as much as I could, dreading PE — except dodgeball, which should tell me something about my anger management as a child. I have to say that it turned out for the best, because I don’t know what would have happened otherwise. It made me focus on developing more valuable skills: computers, math, Boy Scouts (much more on that in another post).

But who knows what could have happened if my dad had been an avid golfer, or a fencer, or a tennis player. Maybe I’d be in college on a sports scholarship right now. I know that if I hadn’t moved to California before my Junior year I would have gotten a fencing scholarship. I don’t know if I could have taken the pressure though. I had hit a wall, and Coach didn’t do a good job of helping me persevere. It wasn’t really his fault though; I never talked to him.

Oh well, no need to dwell on roads that have already closed. It seems that these days we can have as many second chances as we want, except where it really matters.