My name is Alex, and I’m an insomniac. Lifelong sufferer, but I’ve always blamed it on other things. Caffeine, eating too close to bed (temporally, not spatially), lack of exercise, too much exercise, naps, too much on my mind. But none of it’s true. Even when I live as well as I can I still have nights where I just can’t sleep. I realize that it has to be something mental; I don’t have an insomnococcus infection (streptococcus: any of a genus of spherical or ovoid chiefly nonmotile and parasitic gram-positive bacteria that divide only in one plane, occur in pairs or chains, and include bla bla bla–gram-positive? divide in one plane? occur in chains? Maybe biology is cooler than I thought. Other than the memorize-every-tiny-detail stuff). But it’s not some external factor that I can determine. The worst part is that I’m tired. I’m too mentally exhausted to do anything useful, like read A Tale of Two Cities (hence all these posts), and I know that I’ll be exhausted tomorrow at work, and the day after that.

Oh well, no one ever died from insomnia, right?