If you went to school in Kansas, this might be too accurate to be funny.

I’d rather be famous than rich. But not Mel Gibson famous, more Linus Torvalds famous. What about you?

Is it kosher to use a service or product that a company creates to bash that company? For example, how could you send an AIM to people saying AOL sucks?

Other ways to leave your lover:

  • Sleep with her friend, Sven
  • Spend all her money, Honey
  • Tell off her boss, Ross
  • Beat up her dad, Brad
  • Fake her in porn, Bjorn
  • Tell her you’re gay, Ray

Is modern medicine bypassing natural selection by removing the obstacles to reproduction? Will cloning and genetic engineering of humans halt our evolutionary development?

Overheard at Taco Bell:

What was the last thing Jesus said before he died on the cross?

I can see my house from here!

I forgot how cool heavy metal is. Metallica still has no place on my playlist, because they don’t want me as a fan.

Feel free to instant message me if you see me. Jerkies.