Here is a summary of the Bush vs. Hussein conflict (or, everything I ever needed to know about world politics I learned in kindergarten)

Bush: You have weapons of mass destruction! Hussein: No I don’t! B: Yes you do! H: Nu uh! B: Yes huh! H: Nu uh! Israel: Yes he does! He has a bazillion! I saw them! England: Yeah! H: Nu uh! I: Yes huh! North Korea: No he doesn’t, but I do! B: Shut up North Korea, nobody was talking to you! You better tell us that you have those weapons, or else! H: Or else what? B: Or else I’m gonna beat you up! E: Yeah, me too! H: You better not! I’ll shoot you with my missiles! B: Well I have an invisible shield against missiles! H: Well my missiles are magic missiles that go through shields against missiles! B: Nu uh! H: Yes huh times infinity! B: Nu uh times infinity plus one!

So that’s about where we are now. It’s still unknown if Hussein will be able to top “Nu uh times infinity plus one.” Just pray to god he doesn’t have infinity plus two technology.