Because I know that I’m a common stopping point on the journey of most new LJ users (some might say required reading, but I wouldn’t presume), I’ve decided to compile a short list of tips for making posts that will get comments. These have been culled from my modest experience, largely witnessed in other’s journals. Feel free to contribute.

  • Make short posts that are inflammatory, that people can agree with, or both. Eg, “I like tits!” or “Bomb the <insert racial slur>!”
  • Get a lot of friends that hate eachother, then make a post that offends half of them. Let them go off topic–major drama can drag out for hundreds of posts if you can keep them interested.
  • Make big funny parodies involving screen captures from the Matrix DVD.
  • Go friend a bunch of people. A lot of people will friend you and give you at least one comment out of perceived courtesy.
  • Two words: flashing text!

Well, that’s all I can think of now. Check back daily!