I get upset when people don’t get my jokes. It always happened in school (when I still spoke in school), because I was into Python, Cosby, and that crowd while the rest of the degenerates were laughing at the whispered word ‘penis.’ Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fart joke, but my mind makes very odd associations that I usually find uproariously funny. Unfortunately, I often seem to be the only one.

Example: My mom used to farm goats, and she would feed the baby goats with formula in a washed out beer bottle. So we had a bunch of beer bottles with rubber nipples on them. That’s funny to me.

I’m trying to take a very, “I think it’s funny, I don’t care if you don’t,” attitude, but it’s not really working. Meanwhile, I will continue to make fun of everything. The only thing I don’t like is inciting violence; everything else is fair game.