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Americanized Doctor Who?

There are some rumblings about an Americanized Doctor Who feature film, maybe even starring Johnny Depp1. Most people forget that we already had an Americanized Doctor Who.

  1. He’d be a pretty good Doctor actually 

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Fail Early, Fail Noisily

The Fly was on TV yesterday, and it reminded me of an important, often overlooked rule of programming: the Rule of Repair

Repair what you can — but when you must fail, fail noisily and as soon as possible.

A corollary rule is to always check for errors and inconsistent program states, even in prototype code. A simple assert(genetic_codes==1) would have saved Seth Brundle a world of trouble.

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Whedon Needs Limits

This is the problem I have with Joss Whedon right here. All his properties are about loss of innocence and coming of age, and it just doesn’t work in an American TV show where the main story line can never be resolved and the characters can never quite get there. It worked in Dr. Horrible. Maybe with The Avengers, Whedon will break into movies and do shorter, closed story lines that actually work.

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Relax… It’s Just Sex

It’s on HBO Comedy right now, great movie.

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