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wxCL, SBCL, and Windows

wxCL is a GUI package for Common Lisp that uses wxWidgets, and it seems to look pretty good on Windows and Linux, and the code is sufficiently lispy. Exactly what I’m looking for, except it’s in alpha. Serious, seeping wound alpha. I haven’t gotten it working on Linux yet, but it works on Windows. The asdf-install included in SBCL 1.0 for Windows doesn’t work, and asdf doesn’t work with Windows links, so here is what I ended up doing. First, I unpacked the wxcl archive to ~/.scbl/site. This is where asdf-install would put it. Then I copied the function sysdef-source-dir-search from the current asdf-install release to installer.lisp in SBCL’s version. Finally, I add that function to asdf:system-definition-search-functions so ASDF can find stuff in .sbcl/site.

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I’ve been struggling on and off to get KPAX to work for the past few days. It turns out that the default method SLIME uses to communicate with the Lisp interpreter causes problems with the way s-sysdeps sets up the socket listening function in SBCL. The workaround is to set swank:communication-style to :fd-handler, but it has to be set before SLIME starts, so put the following form in ~/.swank.lisp

(defparameter swank:communication-style :fd-handler)

Now to get KPAX to work with mod_lisp…

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