I’ve started “working” at this site, which is mainly a blog right now, so I’ll be posting funny things, weird things, basically anything for the public, there. I’ll still post stuff here, but it will be for me, or stuff that is too bizarre for TransBuddha. It’s a cool site worth checking out; register and comment! We’ll be adding a lot of features to the blog, and rolling out a line of animations, videos, all kinds of fun content.

My bike got here, and it is awesome. It is beautiful, fast, and so responsive. This reminds me that I haven’t posted pictures of our apartment.

No baby yet, but we’ve had a few false alarms.

I’m borrowing my dad’s new digital video camera right now, so I may inflict video upon you if I can get it to transfer to my computer correctly.

I made some fudge using this recipe from the great show Good Eats on Food TV. It is wonderful, and it was very easy to make. Just some stirring and watching the thermometer. I have a digital thermometer for meat and frying, and I rigged a black paper clip to hold the probe at the right level in the mix. It was pretty cheap too; I think the chocolate is the most expensive ingredient. I recommend both the recipe and the show.