Popeye’s Chicken kicks ass! If you haven’t tried them, I recommend it. They have amazing cole slaw, good red beans & rice (not quite as good as Zattaran’s), and greasy, heart-stoppingly-good, spicy chicken. Their customer service sucked, but I don’t live in one of those fancy areas where people have manners and health insurance.

J’apprends le Français bien, mais mon accent est toujours mauvais. Alors je veux parler le Français avec un francophonie, mais où puis-je trouver cela en Kansas City? My grammar and vocabulary aren’t good enough to continue. I saw flyers at school for a weekly French speaking group, but the place they were meeting at closed. Does anybody have an idea for resources or tricks (like watching DVDs in French) to improve my aural skills? I listen to Freedom.fr regularly, but they speak so fast I can only distinguish seperate words, not quite process what they are.

My bike is coming soon. I’m excited. My son is coming soon. I’m terrified. My grades came. I’m pleasantly surprised (all A’s [one A-, but I thought it would be a B at best])

I don’t remember if anyone who reads this is from this area other than gnomey and mox (I’m too lazy to link you, sorry), and now I can’t remember why I wanted to know.

I read the first few chapters of A Tale of Two Titties by MMMMiles Pickeqns, but I haven’t felt like reading in the past week. I’m playing with Flash MX ActionScript and knitting. And working.

Check out these free online reading groups, some even hosted by the author (assuming said author is still living). Cool stuff brought to you by Publishers for Involuntary Servitude, er, Barnes & Noble. I’m joining the Walden group. Thoreau unfortunately declined to participate.

Whiskey kicks ass.