This has been pissing me off since September, and I just have to vent somewhere.

The US flag is not a fad. You should fly a flag because you’re proud of this country, what it represents, and who sacrifices for it. You shouldn’t put a flag on your car just because all your friends have one, or because it’s the cool thing to do.

The flag represents the sacrifices and the hard work of the people that came before you–disrespecting it means disrespecting them, so learn how to display it properly. The blue field always goes in the upper left, whether it’s hanging vertically or horizontally. Do not roll the flag around the pole, or bunch it up (unless it’s a bunting). Do not fly it at night unless it is well lit. Take it down in the rain. Don’t let it touch the ground. Fold it properly when you store it. If it gets tattered, learn how to retire it respectfully by a solemn burning or burial.

Flying the flag is meaningless unless you understand and respect what it stands for.