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Pilots and Programmers

filed in Humor on Apr.24, 2010

It looks like pilots and programmers have a lot in common:

The average pilot, despite the somewhat swaggering exterior, is very much capable of such feelings as love, affection, intimacy, and caring.

These feelings just don’t involve anyone else.

Found on a t-shirt

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There Is So Much Here To Discover

The alt text in today’s XKCD is a beautiful little poem.

Telescopes and bathyscapes
and sonar probes of Scottish lakes,
Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse
explained with abstract phase-space maps,
some x-ray slides, a music score,
Minard’s Napoleonic war:
the most exciting new frontier
is charting what’s already here.

I formatted the lines, so it might not scan the way Randall wanted. Tough.

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Whedon Needs Limits

This is the problem I have with Joss Whedon right here. All his properties are about loss of innocence and coming of age, and it just doesn’t work in an American TV show where the main story line can never be resolved and the characters can never quite get there. It worked in Dr. Horrible. Maybe with The Avengers, Whedon will break into movies and do shorter, closed story lines that actually work.

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