I can’t deal with the idea of heaven and hell. Being held eternally responsible for everything I do in a seventy year period is just too much pressure for me. Not only do I get just one shot at getting everything right, but I’ll have an infinite amount of time to reflect on every stupid thing I did. Every time I made a stuttering fool out of myself because there was a pretty girl in the room. Every time I let my ego get the best of me. All the friends I was too lazy to keep in touch with. I truly envy the person who has had such a perfect life that they won’t mind sitting around thinking about it forever.

I have a much easier time believing a reincarnation system, where there is life after death, but I won’t have to remember this one. It eases the fear of making mistakes a little.

I am most inclined to believe that there is nothing after death, since I believe that mind is just a side effect of neural activity. It really takes a lot of fear out of death to think that I’ll probably never even know I’ve died. The brain seems wired to make death as easy as possible. Unless I’m tortured to death, which seems unlikely, it will probably be fairly peaceful. Like falling asleep, just go into shock and never come back.

I’m not depressed or suicidal, don’t worry. I just know I’m going to die someday, there’s nothing wrong with thinking about it.