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Last Easter

This is what I started to write last April.  Apparently LJ has a draft saving feature now.  Unfortunately, I didn’t finish it, and it’s not worth finishing now.

It’s been awhile. I don’t feel like covering everything that’s happened just now, so instead I’ll just outline what I earned during Easter.

  1. Catholic Easter mass takes forever

    My sister received full communion into the Catholic church the night before Easter, so I got a cool, three for one bonus: Easter mass, confirmations, and baptisms. Sweet! I can’t tell you how excited I was, but the three (four?) hour ceremony exceeded all my expectations.

  2. There are kids who don’t enjoy hunting for eggs on Easter

    This is the first Easter that Connor is aware of, and my niece was with us too, so we had a lot of fun getting ready.

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Easy Scientific Notation In LaTeX

I use LaTeX for all my physics homework and lab reports, and I’ll be using it for a master’s thesis in the next few years, so I’m constantly adding to my library of LaTeX commands to save some typing. Here’s a good one when you need to use scientific or engineering notation. Put the following in the document preamble (before \begin{document}):

\providecommand{\e}[1]{\ensuremath{\times 10^{#1}}}

Then, typing

The [111] crystal planes are 3.2\e{-10} m apart.

gives you: The [111] crystal planes are 3.2×10-10 m apart. whether or not you’re already in a math environment. If the exponent is just one number, you can omit the braces, like this: 3\e8 m/s. Cool, huh?

(Of course, for 10-10 m you can just use Angstroms, \AA. If you’re in a math environment, use \text{\AA}, or else the circle won’t line up with the A. That is, if you’re okay with non-SI units.)

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