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I just went to a couple of my buddies’ show. There was Aaron Weber, Joel Kraft (whom I don’t know but totally rocked), and Bill Belzer (who doesn’t have a website). It was just really cool to see these guys that I work with up on stage playing songs they wrote and just letting it all out. It was very inspirational. I think I’m starting to see that my friends are seperated into an action group and a thinking group. Not that the two don’t overlap, but there definitely seems to be a tendency towards one or the other in each of my friends. I’m glad I grew out of knowing everything; I learn so much more from people this way.

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I never realized

I just stumbled across what I percieve as a huge problem with the major online booksellers (, They have no way to search by language. They don’t always list a translator after the author, and if they do they make no note that it is a translator. They don’t even have a field for the language the book is in. sometimes lists that a book is a French edition, but they don’t indicate if a book is a dual-language version. Even at work (Barnes & Noble) our system isn’t very good at indicating whether a book is original, abridged, simplified, or dual.

Does anyone have a solution to the problem of searching for non-English books?

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