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Nerf Herder rocks!

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Happy Boxing Day!

What is Boxing Day anyway?

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For those of you who don’t watch the news

Here is a summary of the Bush vs. Hussein conflict (or, everything I ever needed to know about world politics I learned in kindergarten)

Bush: You have weapons of mass destruction! Hussein: No I don’t! B: Yes you do! H: Nu uh! B: Yes huh! H: Nu uh! Israel: Yes he does! He has a bazillion! I saw them! England: Yeah! H: Nu uh! I: Yes huh! North Korea: No he doesn’t, but I do! B: Shut up North Korea, nobody was talking to you! You better tell us that you have those weapons, or else! H: Or else what? B: Or else I’m gonna beat you up! E: Yeah, me too! H: You better not! I’ll shoot you with my missiles! B: Well I have an invisible shield against missiles! H: Well my missiles are magic missiles that go through shields against missiles! B: Nu uh! H: Yes huh times infinity! B: Nu uh times infinity plus one!

So that’s about where we are now. It’s still unknown if Hussein will be able to top “Nu uh times infinity plus one.” Just pray to god he doesn’t have infinity plus two technology.

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Current Events, currently

Another 9.5 billion reasons to hate the Bush administration. That’s how much they’re budgeting for the proposed missile defense system that is “better than nothing.” What gets me is how none of the media is talking about why we never built one of these before. The technology has been around a long time. Reagan had the star wars program. The problem is, they just don’t work. It’s basic game theory. All they have to do is fire enough missiles at the same time, most of which can be decoys, and they can get one through. But it’s better than nothing. Better than reducing the defecit, stimulating the economy, fighting illegal immigration, or anything worthless like that.

Trent Lott. What a dick. Is he a racist? Probably. Was he just trying to make a hundred year old man happy on his birthday? Probably. Should we just get on with our lives and vote out the Republicans in a couple years? Probably.

Saw The Two Towers on Tuesday. It was good. Saw Nemesis on Saturday. It was not as good, an unsatisfying end on some levels, satisfying on others.

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Casey (that’s my wife) and I went to Seattle for the weekend. It was an 18 hour drive each way (we’re slow). It’s not like us to do spur of the moment things, but we did. A friend loaned us a digital camera, so I’ll have some pictures up soon.

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