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Treasure Planet

This was the coolest movie ever! Go see Treasure Planet right away. Take your kids, they’ll probably like it too. Great movie.

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Fight Holiday Weight Gain Naturally!

Eat less fat and more vegetables. (Potatoes don’t count. Even mashed.)

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Today we sold my broken down Contour for $1500.

The problem with cars is that it costs so much for a diagnostic. My car was doing some weird stuff before it broke down, and I probably would have had it checked out if it didn’t cost (at least) $80. Our current car is making weird knocking noises when it’s cold, and some weird noise like a window is open a little. Is there anything wrong with it? I don’t know, and we can’t afford to spend $80 to find out. If there is something wrong, I want to get it taken care of, but if there isn’t I don’t want to waste the money.

I need auto repair insurance. I have a Ford though, so my premiums would be insane.

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My Apologies

recently posted this link to a site about a talking budgie. I thought the site was a hoax (the details are in this post).

My mom does large bird rescue (parrots), so I asked her about it. This was her response:

Budgies are the best talkers in the bird world. Parrots have the intelligence of a 4-5 year old child and many will converse intelligently. Fred [friend who does bird rescue] has several birds who do that, and when I am alone with Merlin [Amazon Parrot], she will converse with me.

So it looks like I was wrong, and it’s very possible that the site is not a hoax. I’m sorry.

(Although, I can’t understand a word her birds say. My wife and I think that it’s the same thing as a parent interpreting every gurgle a baby makes as their first words. But who knows.)

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Unexpectedly Relevant

I read a comment about a Berkeley student leaving a suicide note on her journal before jumping off one of the buildings there. Like any rubberneck driving by an accident, I went to look. To my surprise, there was some good stuff there. Namely this analysis of the value of higher education.

And on a more morbid note, I’ve always thought about how fragile some people are. Sometimes just a little comment could push someone over the edge. Like this. I wonder if that guy feels guilty. I understand where he’s coming from though. I’ve known people that were always depressed, and just didn’t want to feel better. They just wanted everyone around them to feel as bad as they did. I don’t know if you can help people like that, or if you just have to save yourself.

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