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What do you get when you have two gubernatorial candidates that nobody wants? A campaign based on destroying the other.

I don’t think that I have seen anything where Davis or Simon speak about their qualifications. It’s all just about how bad the other guy is. No wonder people don’t vote.

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I unexpectedly got Halloween off this year. What does someone in their twenties do on Halloween?

My mom always hated teenagers that trick-or-treated. A lot of them didn’t even have the decency to wear costumes. They’d just come to the door and demand candy. I assume most teenagers did that, then went to a stranger’s house and trashed it while they got drunk, then woke up in bed with another stranger. I wouldn’t actually know, since I wasn’t cool enough to participate in such things.

So, what do you people do for Halloween?

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My parents bought a house in Wyandotte Co. today (that’s near Kansas City for the rest of you). They’ve signed the papers for every house they’ve ever bought on the 24th of the month. I suppose we’ll be visiting them in the summer. I’m a little conflicted right now.

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This is what I’ve been talking about

When I moved to California during high school, I was shocked by the fact that no one knew math. I’m not exaggerating very much. The students, even in higher math had no grasp of the fundamentals. The teachers had no idea how to teach math (with one exception).

The state of math education in the US, especially California, is dismal. this site links to essays by people more qualified than me who feel the same.

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Raising Money

I’m participating in a walk to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. If any of you would like to donate money, please email me or comment to this post, and I’ll let you know where to send a check. Thanks.

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