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About Classes

I should be doing homework or sleeping right now, that’s why I’m posting so much. I have a midterm in American Government on Tuesday, and a Physics test on Wednesday. Physics is easier than I expected, and I’m eager to get into cool stuff next semester. Optics and waves and relativity, oh my!

Calculus is a big disappointment again. I went for a different teacher, but he also teaches straight from the book. I’m trying to screw up enough courage to complain about the math department. I’m not going to spend four hours every week having some guy read the book to me. I’ve been reading the Feynman lectures on physics, and I’m very disappointed in myself for not going to a real college. I’ll be able to transfer soon, but what will I have missed? How hard will it be to get on a good research project? How will I maintain my enthusiasm through city college? It’s like high school, except I have to buy my own books. It’s interesting to see people though.

There are guys in my physics class who are going to college solely so they can become CalTrans engineers (the state transit department, I guess). They don’t care about physics, or education in general. They just know that they can make a decent living for a modest amount of work by getting an engineering degree. Fresno State recently changed the requirements for the engineering degree, dropping the modern physics class. Even though it’s important (waves, optics, relativity), these guys aren’t going to bother taking it, because they don’t care. What scares me is that it’s people like that that design our bridges and highways. I wonder if every professional engineering department is like a science class. One guy understands everything, and he just gives everyone else the answers because they don’t want to learn and he wants to go home.

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MS Outlook

It would be great if MS Outlook was open source. I like the majority of the program, but there are some things I would tweak. I would make it’s blocking functions interface with Procmail, and I would make it handle time zones correctly in the time stamps. I wonder if it exposes it’s functionality in a COM object…

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Accordian Music

A pox on the man who introduced the accordian to Mexico, and on all his children and their descendants!

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My wife’s work had Britney Spears as the hold music today. It’s been in my head all day. Grrr. Last week it was Karma Chameleon. Someone has got to put an end to it.

On a similar note, my wife was brave enough (and fluent in Spanish enough) to ask the morons across the street to stop blasting their music. Since we moved in over a year ago (the pre-September eleventh world), they’ve done this. They park their truck in the driveway and turn on their music so loud I can hear it in the back of my house–with all the windows closed. It’s not even good music. It’s the Mexican music with a tuba going oompa-oompa and some poor schmoe wailing in Spanish. I don’t know what they call it. Anyway, she asked him to turn it down, and he said, “Why?” Can you believe that? I kind of expected him to be like, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was bothering anyone.” But no, he had an attitude about it.

It was his right to play his music as loud as he wanted. It was the middle of the day after all, and what possible reason could we have for not wanting to listen to his music on a lovely Saturday morning? Casey (my wife) informed him that it was not his right to play his music as loud as he wanted, and if he didn’t believe her, maybe he would believe the nice Fresno police officers who respond so quickly to such calls, since we don’t have that much real crime. Fortunately, he was able to see Casey’s point of view, and we might not be subjected to that shit in the future.

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Short Skirts

God bless short skirts.

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