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Logan’s Run

I saw Logan’s Run the other day; apparently anything could have been a classic in the 70′s. It was just a bad soft porn with decent actors.

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I love English dipthongs

Through like throo. Tough like tuff. Ploughshare like plowshare. Dough like doe.

I guess you have to compensate for gender neutrality and no noun cases somehow.

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Religious Translations

Religious texts should not be translated, or at least the official versions should not be translated. You can have translations, but they should only be used to proselytize. The converted should never use a translated text.

In other words, you shouldn’t quote the bible unless you know Hebrew and New Testament Greek. My opinion is not widely shared, however.

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For the children, ladies and gentlemen…

Because I know that I’m a common stopping point on the journey of most new LJ users (some might say required reading, but I wouldn’t presume), I’ve decided to compile a short list of tips for making posts that will get comments. These have been culled from my modest experience, largely witnessed in other’s journals. Feel free to contribute.

  • Make short posts that are inflammatory, that people can agree with, or both. Eg, “I like tits!” or “Bomb the <insert racial slur>!”
  • Get a lot of friends that hate eachother, then make a post that offends half of them. Let them go off topic–major drama can drag out for hundreds of posts if you can keep them interested.
  • Make big funny parodies involving screen captures from the Matrix DVD.
  • Go friend a bunch of people. A lot of people will friend you and give you at least one comment out of perceived courtesy.
  • Two words: flashing text!

Well, that’s all I can think of now. Check back daily!

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Self Evident–Ani Difranco

Go read this poem, then find a copy of her reading it. Good stuff. Very interesting view on the whole September eleventh thing.

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