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In an attempt to be trendier

Stupid survey inside

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Work swells tempest winds Stormy clouds unpierced by play Jack loses fine edge

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French Accent

The secret to a good French accent is learning to speak without moving your jaw.

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I see gay people!

I think I have gaydar. I’ve always been pretty good at spotting gay people, but this guy came into the store last night who wasn’t at all obvious. I just knew somehow that he was gay. Then I went outside and noticed a rainbow sticker on his car. Coincidence? I think not! I should take this on the road.

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Fight Back Corporate Power

I sometimes wonder if the book 1984 has done more harm than good. It seems like it has made people believe an authoritarian government is inevitable and acceptable. When people see something like this (excerpted below) they dismiss it with a “big brother is watching.” That is not an appropriate response. An authoritarian government is not inevitable, and it is our duty to ensure it doesn’t happen.

Corporations are taking advantage of consumers, because we don’t care enough anymore to stand up for our rights. We live in a mostly free market, which means consumers are responsible for keeping the market in check, not the government. That is an extremely important concept that has been forgotten, so I’ll repeat it. The consumers are the group with the power in the free market.

How does this work? It’s deceptively simple. If you don’t like a company’s actions, you don’t give them business, and you let them know why. This is a boycott, and it has been an effective tool throughout history. There are two reasons it doesn’t work anymore. First, people don’t care. Most people have been screwed over by employers and the government for so long that they are just happy to be paying their bills. They don’t want to make waves. Second, people are not willing to make sacrifices for their beliefs. They may strongly oppose something, but they expect someone else to make the sacrifice needed to change it.

This is why I hate soccer moms so much. They embody these awful traits completely. As long as they have the illusion that their family is safe and happy, they couldn’t care less about the world. But who should make their family safe? The government, or special interest groups, or the entertainment industry. They aren’t responsible for it, and responsibility is really what we’re talking about.

Consumers have the power in a free market, but it is their responsibility to excercise that power. Corporations roll over us because we jump at the chance to lay down. Nothing will change until we stand up and take back what is ours. Nothing will change until we are willing to make sacrifices. You are not entitled to safety and luxury. You are entitled to dignity and fair treatment. We can’t just dismiss the authoritarian moves of the wealthy. We have to get mad and fight for what we want.

Read the excerpt about Palladium, the content control chipset

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