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Paying Artists

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I have come up with a solution to the RIAA’s problem with peer to peer services. Their main argument is that the artists don’t get paid what they deserve for making the music. I agree that they should be paid for making music, since it is their living. I now urge you to find out who creates the songs you download and keep, and send them what you think the song is worth. I would estimate most songs being worth about fifty cents, but use your best judgement. Be sure to include a thank you card to let them know they’re appreciated.

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The US narrowly avoided catastrophy today. Cheney was in charge for about two hours today while Bush had his ass on TV, and he didn’t have a heart attack or legalize corporate slave labor. That was a close one.

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Nobody expects the Intel Inquisition!

Bad news brewing in the hardware sector. Intel is teaming up with software vendors (MS) to make hardware content control commonplace.

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One of the guys that brutally murdered a friend of mine was found dead in his cell a few days ago. I don’t know how I feel about it.

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Abstinence Rally

“There were cool explosions, just like on WCW Nitro, only these were in the service of Christ!”

Dude! Read about the totally awesome teenage abstinence rally right here!

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