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Oh, senators just want to have fun

Sen. Hollings in South Carolina has proposed another bill to limit expression and speech. If this bill passes it will effectively require every electronic document, program, image, etc. to have a government stamp of approval.

Read about it here.

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Religious Conversion

Something I’ve never understood about religion is why people convert. I can understand losing your faith, or otherwise leaving a religion, but I don’t understand how someone who never believed in any higher power can suddenly start believing. Even people who “witness a miracle.” All the miraculous stories I’ve heard about could be explained with many different theories that don’t involve any gods. Maybe I just don’t understand faith.

Brought to you by the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want to do Other Stuff Good To.

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Candy coated nuggets of joy

If a record (the high score kind, not the vinyl kind) actually meant something, we wouldn’t keep track of it. Records are unusual, so you can’t put any real meaning into them. It doesn’t matter if we have a record low temperature, because there was one before, and there will be another. This one is no different unless it becomes the average.

Do you think Romans ever thought the Roman Empire was going to end? Must we conclude that all things come to an end? Just because most things that started have ended doesn’t prove absolutely that all things come to an end. Put another way, everything that has ended started at one time, thus everything that starts will end. That’s a fallacy if I remember correctly.

Puppies are cute. I will eventually take pictures of mine.

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Last entry on abortion for awhile, I swear

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you think abortion is right or wrong. It has to be legal if we expect to move our nation forward.

  • If we deny women reproductive freedom, we deny them a place in society. Women are not baby factories, and we must understand that and exploit the potential of our entire population to get an edge in the world.
  • A woman that wants an abortion probably doesn’t want to be pregnant. A woman that doesn’t want to be pregnant probably won’t change her lifestyle to improve the chances of a child she hopes she never knows. Forcing women to have underdeveloped, premature children that they hate and never want to see is not a good idea.
  • Women will have abortions. Changing the legality only changes the safety level. People will have sex before marriage. Removing sex education only raises the level of pregnancy and disease. Having blanket policies like an undeniable right to life, or that children are the punishment for pleasure sex is a narrowsighted and arrogant way of ignoring the harder problems. Pro-life is a zero-tolerance policy on women’s rights.

The pro-life ideology is really a desperate clinging to a time when a woman’s place was barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. If a woman chooses to live her life that way, I have no problem with it. I just don’t think we should force all women to live that way. At least, that’s my opinion.

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Why I’m pro-choice, the bottom line

To me, the question of where life begins doesn’t even matter in the issue of whether abortion should be legal or not. The bottom line is, do you care more about a woman, or the remote possibility of a child? I’ve never been one for faith, so I have to go with the woman that we already know about rather than gambling on what the potential child might become.

Besides, it makes no sense to advocate increasing birth rates while you’re cutting education.

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