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House update

Casey talked to our next-door neighbor today (the one who likes to garden in the morning, sans clothes), and it turns out the family that owned the house before the people who sold it to us were crack dealers who thought it was unconstitutional to pay for water and sanitation. They let the water be shut off and used the back yard as a combination toilet/junk yard. This is why our soil is good, and why our sewage line had a few big holes and flooded the side yard yesterday.

Oh, and that neighbor is racist. She was very happy to find out that we weren’t black, hispanic, or hmong, because “you know how those people are.” kidzero was right, this is starting to sound like a sitcom.

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So, I guess we live in Fresno now. It’s an old house; the doors and windows don’t work very well, and the little bit of telephone wiring there is will have to be redone along with new cat5. The rose bushes, as well as the lime tree in the back yard, have been victim to a deranged pruner over the years, but we have ancient walnut, maple, and something we haven’t figured out yet. The old man behind us has seven foot sunflowers, with stems as big around as my arm, bending towards the ground under the weight of their massive heads.

We still haven’t chosen an ISP. Well, we had chosen AT&T cable, but their customer service is lacking in the service area. It took us forty minutes on hold and four transfers to be told by the automated ordering system that service isn’t available in our area, contrary to their website. I would prefer cable over DSL, because we live in a low income area and could probably get most of the bandwidth. Also, DSL will be more expensive, I’ll have to get the phone wiring done before we can get service, and speed will be limited because the line quality isn’t very good.

To make a long story short (too late), we won’t have internet service for a week or two starting yesterday (I’m at work). And I’m never going back to an electric stove. Gas rocks.

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