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I got a new scanner

So I can finally scan all my slides and negatives. To see bad examples of my mastery, check out The Photographic Evidence of Our Trip to Magic Mountain

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Okay, this link should show the picture from my last post.

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You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll avoid the check!

Update I fixed the link, it should work now

Okay, come up with a caption for this picture of Mario Monti which actually appeared in the Fresno Bee by a story about the EU rejecting the GE/Honeywell merger.

My caption: “I’m the evil Statue of Liberty! Rawr!”

Come up with something funnier, damnit!

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Does anybody know where I can get 200′ of Cat5 and a patch panel for a reasonable price?

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This guy has a damn funny journal. Just check out this entry. And don’t miss the rules a few entries down.

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