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Pound head on wall. Rinse and repeat.

This week started sucking at exactly 1:30 this morning. I was so angry that the backup failed (meaning I would have to stay late), I accidentally locked my wallet in the server room. After an hour and a half of trying unsuccessfully to jimmy the door open, pick the lock, or just break it down, I decided to go home without my license. The forty minute drive was uneventful, just slow (I didn’t want to get pulled over). Read about the rest of my bad day, jerky

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I’m so lame

I’m working with tape number 818 right now, and I keep thinking, “Eight one eight, beach front avenue!”

Who would have guessed that memorizing a song like Ice Ice Baby would still haunt us after so many years.

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New community

Hey, I created a community for Live Journal Journeys called livejourney. Go join and post your LiveJourneys.

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I have a bad memory

I was supposed to meet Highlander when I was done at the library today, but I decided not to go to Fresno and forgot to call him. I feel so bad, and I’m very sorry I forgot. Ms. Manners would beat me up.

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MS Word Bloat

MS Word document. Completely empty. 10.5k. WTF?

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