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Yuppies of America unite!

I’m tired of companies taking advantage of us just because it will cost more to fight them than give up. Therefore, I am announcing the boycott on the American economy! Stop buying things, close your bank accounts, give your broker the finger (after you get your money)! We’ll go back to a simple barter system. People stealing from people, just like the good old days. Division of labor is so antiquated, we can all produce most of what we need and trade for the rest. Nobody checking real-time quotes on their PDA, no major (and minor) corporations lying about their products, we’ll settle disputes with violence!

My god, it’ll be beautiful.

Come on everyone, rally together. We’ll take back the economy! Now, some of you are going to die when the government resists, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take. I’ll stay in back so when we have to retreat, I can lead us to safety.

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Amazon thoughts

Something kind of creepy: the top selling book in photography today is How to Photograph Children

It would be very cool if there was a secret santa group based on wishlists. I’ve never bought anything on someone else’s list, and no one has bought anything from mine, so I’m not sure yet how people can prove that they’ve bought something. Other than that, I can get it going once I’m in a place with broadband and a static IP. I don’t think this would qualify as a lottery, would it? I’ll have to read the postal code.

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Feeling Old

I was “reading” the July Playboy last night, and I realized Miss July is a few months younger than me. It’s just weird, it makes me feel so old.

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Worst entry ever

I am euphoric today, because I have an intelligent, gorgeous, all around amazing wife, a not so bad life, a good breakfast, and some exercise. Naturally, this is a perfect time to dump some free-floating hostility.

Note: These aren’t directed at my friends, but I thought random passers-by might find a nugget of useful information here. I might become another Dr. Phil! I don’t mean any of this personally to anyone, please don’t take it that way.

Point and laugh at the angry old man

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Forgotten Account

Amazing. I’ve been using the AIM screen name rklatswdahs for a year or so, because shadwstalkr was taken. One of my friends suggested I put shadwstalkr on my buddy list, so when he came on I could yell at him for stealing my nick.

A few months ago, I realized that shadwstalkr had never been on in a year and a half, and I started thinking that maybe it was an account I had opened years ago and forgotten. So just a few days ago I finally came up with the genius idea of using the AIM password reminder, and low and behold, shadwstalkr is mine! I really am a total moron!

Anyway, I’ll be using both screen names for awhile, but if any of you super heroes want to talk to me use shadwstalkr.

Oh, and I didn’t drive off a cliff.

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