I saw Pearl Harbor today. I think I can sum it up pretty easily: this was the first time in my life I’ve left a movie to pee.

Why do film makers have to clutter up a good war movie with a tacked on love story? This could have easily been in the 1.5-2 hour range if they had just stuck to the Pearl Harbor bombing/Dolittle raid story, which were the good parts. I’m not the kind of guy that things all love stories are crap, but this one was just so forced and predictable. The worst part is, the love story setup was so long, by the time it got to the fighting I didn’t care anymore. I’m sure it was touching and powerful and whatnot, but I had been removed from the story by the clumsy old boy meets girl. I wish more film makers would realize there is no shame in a war movie, as long as you don’t try to hide that it’s a war movie.

On the upside, the principals gave pretty good performances, and the women were very beautiful (see, it was almost a good action movie).